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Looking for the perfect kids-friendly restaurant? We got you!

In this fast paced world and in between juggling work and all the overwhelming demands, it’s highly recommended to spend some quality time with your family and since the most unforgettable moments in life happen around a table, Reserveout team has been working around the hour to find you and your families the perfectly delicious family-friendly restaurants all around Dubai!

We carefully hand-picked below top 10 kids-friendly restaurants:

1. SUQ (International cuisine)

It is no surprise that SUQ is one of the most popular kids-friendly restaurants in Dubai with their delicious international menu bringing you the best of Middle-Eastern, Asian and Western cuisine, one of a kind children’s play area, relaxing vibes and friendly atmosphere a pleasant dining experience is 100% guaranteed!

 2. Kenza (Vegetarian, Middle-Eastern, and International cuisine)

Kenza‘s unique character and contemporary ambiance makes it the perfect place to unwind and have a casual, relaxed brunch on Fridays. Yet, Kenza is not just for enjoying a heavenly brunch, it’s open all day for you and your families to try a wide variety of delicious dishes, cocktails, and hot beverages. And of course, you will love the spectacular view of Burj-Khalifa.

3. Bonfire (International Cuisine)

Time for some FUN in the SUN! Bonfire invites you and your family for a day full of delicious food and various fun activities that have been carefully organized for you and your little ones including full day pool & beach access 🏊 you also get to spoil your taste buds with their sizzling menu featuring Mediterranean and Asian dishes while enjoying Bonfire’s breathtaking view!

4. Mazaher (Middle-Eastern cuisine)

Your whole family is invited to indulge in Mazaher’s distinctive authentic Lebanese dining experience with signature  Middle-Eastern dishes served in a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere. Mazaher’s freshly cooked dishes taste exactly like home cooked food but with a twist which makes it worth a try ;)!

5. Gulf Pavilion (Burgers, Mexican and Seafood Cuisine)

The Gulf Pavilion guarantees you and your kids a refreshing experience like no other with their spacious outdoor area covered by umbrellas and date trees so your kids can run around freely. Their delicious menu offers you a wide range of heavenly dishes and drinks such as burgers, fresh sandwiches, seafood platters, desserts to keep your sweet tooth satisfied and much more.  Gulf Pavilion’s friendly and inviting ambience makes it easier for you and your families to sit back, relax and have fun!


6. Simply Italian (Italian cuisine)

Indulge in a casual Italian dining journey at Simply Italian the stunning beachfront property which focuses on bringing fresh, seasonal and authentic ingredients to the table so your whole family gets to enjoy every single bite they take, Y-u-m-m-y 🍝.

7. Kitchen 6 (International cuisine)

You just can’t go wrong with this awards winning all-day dining restaurant where your kids get to enjoy watching chefs at work creating gastronomic delights right in front of them which will make their whole dining experience way more exciting and fun!

Kitchen 6 is more than happy to serve you and your little ones an array of International dishes and drinks in an inviting friendly environment.

8. Tesoro (International Cuisine)

You will absolutely LOVE Tesoro’s dining experience with live cooking stations, an amazing terrace and a bright yet warm atmosphere PLUS their amazing global themed Friday brunch is all you want to be at on Fridays where you get to enjoy the best of whatTesoro has to offer in just one sitting.

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9. Maison Mathis (French, International, European and Belgian cuisine)

Maison Mathis is your one-stop-shop when it comes to simple, fresh food cooked with quality ingredients made with love and passion all the way from Europe along with an amazing kids play area and friendly staff to ensure you and your kids an amazing dining experience 👍


10. Azkadenya (Middle-Eastern)

Azkadenya will surely increase your kids appetite with their fun and colorful looking delicious Middle-Eastern dishes and desserts served in a unique atmosphere, an exciting, fun and unique experience awaits you and your little ones  🍰.

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9 Dining Experiences at The Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

You may be lucky enough to visit the city of gold or even live here! However, it’s time-consuming to find the best places to see and dine in while in Dubai. Plus, you don’t want to waste your time in scheduling, believe us – The struggle is real! That’s why we love to make it easier; by selecting our favorite touristic attractions so you’ll  know where to dine, what to visit or where to go out with visitors and simply book your table online.

1) The Dubai Fountain  – Serafina

Souk Al Bahar should be your first stop in Dubai, an Arabesque retail, and dining destination located in the heart of the marvelous Downtown Dubai overlooking the marvelous Dubai Fountain. You can find many restaurants there but our favorite is Serafina! Book online and enjoy their savory dishes while gazing at the extraordinary views.

2) Burj Khalifa – Karma Cafe

Alternatively, in Souk Al Bahar, you can dine in the famous restaurant and lounge Karma Kafé! Book a table on their terrace that offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa. Listen to the orient inspired eclectic beats while enjoying the most premium products, with artisan cocktails designed exclusively for Karma Kafé and expertly mixed by our talented bartenders.

3) The Desert – Al Hadheerah

They say when in Rome eat like Romans! Live a true Arabian experience in the middle of the desert at Al Hadheerah, you can try the heavenly dishes and enjoy the amazing weather or simply enjoy the sunset. This place offers traditional live music, shisha in an exquisite ambiance in the middle of nowhere. So head down to Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa to try it.

4) Dubai Marina – Xclusive Cruise

Dubai Marina is one of the famous waterfront attractions in Dubai. Where you can enjoy the dramatic view of the skyscrapers and residential apartment blocks especially at night when the lights reflect on the water. So if you are ever there you must try Xclusive Cruise experience, the chefs prepare the most delectable dishes for you.

5) Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Times of Arabia

You must visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah and walk through the traditional souks and narrow ways to discover the hidden gems inside. And after you do some shopping, you’ll need a traditional delicious meal at Times Of Arabia. You can book your table here.

6) The View of Burj Al Arab – Cove Beach

There is no way you don’t know Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel.  It might be too expensive for you to stay in but you can enjoy the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab while dining at  Cove Beach, where you can live the ultimate beach experience and relish their authentic Mediterranean dishes.

7) The MusicHall – Not Just a Restaurant

The MusicHall is an attraction by itself especially to those that love music as they offer a must see back-to-back live international musical acts. This must visit club-theatre is at the amazing Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, on the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island.

8) Palm Jumeirah – Riva Beach Club

Another favorite of ours in Palm Jumeirah is Riva Beach Club! It provides a chilled out, stylish and relaxing atmosphere, plus well- crafted dishes that you can savor by the beach and feel the sand under your feet.

9)  Out Metha – Sevilles

Looking for a unique dining experience in Dubai? Seville’s is your best option with their outstanding ambiance. Located in the hidden Out Metha, a vibrant Spanish restaurant, and bar with tapas, great al-fresco dining, and an abundant selection of regional specialty dishes created by Spanish chef Mariano Andres.

10)  Dubai Skyline – 40 Kong

Enjoy the spectacular view of Dubai’s skyline in the coolest places! Try the award-winning rooftop lounge 40 Kong that offers creative beverages, world-class dishes and unique views of The New Dubai.  

11)  Dubai Skyline – TOMO

Or if you are in the mood for some sushi rolled to perfection, check out TOMO. And the food is not the only good thing about TOMO because this amazing rooftop has the best view of Dubai Skyline, especially during the sunset.

We hope you will have a nice stay in Dubai, meanwhile, download our app to easily book restaurants.

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